Gaming and Aging: How Accessibility Impacts Everyone Eventually

Often, when I publish episodes of Access-Ability, I’ll get someone either in the YouTube comments, or on Twitter, responding to the episode by saying something like “this is really interesting, but doesn’t affect me personally”. That’s not necessarily surprising, but I think it overlooks the fact that for many people, your current level of gaming ability will not last forever, and accessibility support that doesn’t impact you today may in the future.

Video Games Need Accessibility Standards

While the overall industry has been making positive strides forward in terms of more games becoming more accessible, as an industry we can’t so much as guarantee a game will definitely feature accurate subtitling for deaf and hard of hearing players, let alone any consistent application of more intensive accessibility support.

Video Game Emulation Is Accessibility

Emulation is a form of accessibility, that much is a fact, but it’s one that’s often difficult to discuss, because conversations about video game emulation often, if not always, devolve into discussions of the moral arguments for, or against, software pircacy. For most gamers without disabilities, the only reasons to

8BitDo Accessibility Controller Review

When Microsoft released the Xbox Adaptive Controller almost four years ago, it marked the first time a mainstream console manufacturer had made a push for a console to officially support an accessibility controller that was affordable and modular. Supporting 3.5mm connector and USB ports for connecting peripherals, the controller allowed