Metroid Dread’s Rookie Mode Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Back in October 2021, Metroid Dread released to critical praise, despite being a very mechanically unforgiving title. When I covered the game here on Access-Ability at the time, while I praised the game’s implementation of dynamic map labelling techniques in a non linear exploration game, I criticised the game’s inflexible difficulty, overall lack of even basic accessibility settings, and at times overly complex controls.

Horizon Forbidden West Accessibility Review

While very mechanically similar to Zero Dawn, Forbidden West releases in a very different accessibility context to its predecessor. Horizon Zero Dawn released back in early 2017, when Sony had not yet begun its public facing push into accessibility with titles such as 2020’s The Last of Us 2. Sony’s first party accessibility output today is very different, as are the features their games have begun to include as standards.