On June 9th 2023 at 4pm UK, 11am Eastern, 8am Pacific, the first annual Access-Ability Summer Showcase will be aired live, showcasing recently released and upcoming video games made by disabled game developers, and featuring accessibility settings designed to help ensure more disabled gamers are able to play.

What To Expect

During the showcase, every game shown will detail a selection of their accessibility settings offerings, to make sure that gamers watching at home know with confidence if they’ll be able to play an exciting looking game that catches their eye.

We’ve got release date reveals, exclusive trailers, and discussions of brand new gameplay features.

Our aim is to make sure that if a game looks exciting, you don’t have to worry about getting hyped, only to learn later that a game doesn’t support your needs as a player.

While much of the showcase lineup will be a surprise, we can confirm games from Hyper Luminal Games, Whitethorn Games, and Soft Leaf Studios will be featured. We’ve even got some exciting news to reveal about Cult of the Lamb during the show.

The presentation will also include guest appearances from a number of disabled gamers, and accessibility advocates, talking about what gaming accessibility means to them. Announced guests include Radderss Gaming, SightlessKombat, Steven Spohn, and Vivek Gohil, with more to be announced.

How To Watch

The Access-Ability Summer Showcase 2023 is sponsored by I Need Diverse Games, and will be aired live on Twitch.TV/LauraKBuzz, as well as published as a YouTube Premiere on Youtube.com/LauraKBuzz.

ASL, BSL, and Audio Described versions of the presentation will also be available, premiering at the same time.

The showcase will be hosted by Laura Kate Dale, a disabled gamer, accessibility consultant, and host of weekly youTube show Access-Ability, where she discusses ways that video games can improve accessibility for disabled players.

Want Your Game Showcased?

If you’re a game developer, and have made an effort to make your game playable by a wide range of disabled players, I’d love for you to reach out. We are still taking submissions for games to include in the showcase, and can be reached at LauraKBuzzOfficial@Gmail.com for more information.

Info for Press

For members of the press, feel free to also reach out at the same email. We can provide contacts for interviews, as well as information from the showcase in advance under embargo.

The Access-Ability Summer showcase aims to be, going forward, an annual showcase during gaming’s busiest news week, that makes sure disabled players can join in on the hype, safe in the knowledge that at least one gaming showcase makes it clear up front which games are accessible for people with specific disabilities and access needs.

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